Transportation is one of the most important ways you impact your environment. Gases responsible for smog and global warming are emitted every time you ride in the car. Trucks and automobiles can also contribute to urban sprawl, loss of communities and wasteful land-use patterns.

In an effort to increase green transportation, both U-M and city busses are either hybrids or run on a biodiesel fuel mixture (and you can ride for free with your Mcard!). Ann Arbor is also well equipped for other types of green, non-automotive transportation, such as walking or biking.

Transportation Tips

  • Walk, bike, or rollerblade. With Ann Arbor's limited parking options, these are fast, easy ways of getting around and are healthy for both you and the environment!
  • Don't have a bike on campus?  The Blue Bike rental program rents bikes at low rates for the day, weekend or semester.
  • If you're traveling greater distances, take the bus, carpool, find a ride or share a cab.

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