Smoke-Free Policy

As of July 1, 2011, all campuses and buildings—including housing facilities—of the University of Michigan are smoke-free. Smoking will no longer be permitted outside on any University-owned property, including all courtyards, walkways, community areas and parking lots of residence halls and Northwood Community Apartments.

  • Smoking is not prohibited on sidewalks adjacent to public streets on the Ann Arbor campuses. Smokers should not smoke near housing units to be considerate of residents.
  • All parking structures and surface lots should be smoke free. Smoking in privately owned vehicles within these locations is allowed, if the vehicle windows are closed.
  • Smokers refusing to extinguish the product or repeat offenders of the policy will be addressed through existing disciplinary or other appropriate processes.

The policy was established in conjunction with the MHealthy initiative to promote healthy living and to help contain University health care costs. As part of the initiative, the University offers free tobacco treatment programs to support students, faculty, staff and their dependents who want to quit smoking.

Smoking, Community Living at Michigan

All areas of University Housing are designated nonsmoking, and all University of Michigan campus buildings and grounds are also smoke-free. No smoking will be allowed in or on U-M campus property. All residents and guests who smoke are expected to observe the no-smoking regulation.

Community Living at Michigan policy, is a legally binding adjunct to your Housing contract. Violations of the smoking policy within University Housing will be handled under the Housing Student Conflict Resolution Process which is outlined on the Community Living at Michigan site.

For further information, visit the U-M Smoke-Free University Initiative site.

University Housing is a unit of Student Life, and an equal opportunity educator and employer.

For housing related questions, please contact University Housing.
Phone: (734) 763-3164