How to Apply

It is highly recommended you speak to a representative from the Office of Financial Aid prior to applying and interviewing for the position. The compensation for the position is room and board and may affect your personal financial aid. Information can be found here: 


Residence Education Student Staff Application
  1. Please read instructions below and then visit:
  2. Select "Sign in with your school account" 
  3. Email: enter your UM unique name & kerberos password and agree to terms and conditions.
  4. Select My job profile. Fill out all sections & save. (please note, if you applied to a position using eRezLife in the past, make sure all profile information is up to date as fields have changed)
  5. Select Job postings
  6. Select the position you are interested in
  7. Select the Apply now (green button)
  8. Select Questions. Fill out all required questions (with red asterisk) and any other questions related to the position you are applying for
  9. Provide reference contact information
  10. Select Save
  11. Select Submit

If you are interested in another position, return to Job Postings and select the next position you are interested in. NOTE: All fields will automatically populate for any sections already completed. Any changes will be reflected in previously submitted applications.


Please read below for the DPE and RA application essays.

Online Application & Essay Questions

Please complete all components of our online ResEd Student Staff Application including the essay questions and providing reference contact information. All components must be completed for your application to be considered. 

Please limit each response to 250 words or less.


  1. One of the values of Residence Education is community development. The University of Michigan is a big place that can feel overwhelming for students to connect with. As a member of ResStaff, in what ways would you help students find a community where they feel a sense of belonging? 
  2. Social justice is another value of Residence Education. Social justice allows for all members of society, regardless of their social and cultural background, to be given access to opportunities and resources in an equitable way. Our department and the university at large strive to create communities that are inclusive and promote social justice. How do you plan to support this value in the community as a ResStaff member?
  3. Our final core value of Residence Education is restorative justice. When an incident occurs in our communities, it causes harm. As a result, we believe in helping facilitate opportunities for students to restore trust in the communities or people they may have harmed. Give an example of a time where harm was caused in a relationship that was important to you. How did you address it and what did you learn? “A relationship important to you” can be any relationship you have a personal connection to - family, friend, teammate, roommate, classmate, etc. 
  4. How would you describe your philosophy of leadership? Please share an example of when you put this philosophy to practice. What did you learn from this?
  5. In the course of the year, you might feel overwhelmed with various campus, work and school activities, commitments and expectations. As a ResStaff member, you have a community of students looking to you for leadership, role modeling, resources and support. How do you balance yourself to meet deadlines and fulfill requirements, obligations, and commitments? Please share an example when you put these skills into practice. 

DPE CANDIDATES (only necessary if you are interested in DPE position)

  1. What aspects of the DPE position attract you the most and what do you hope to learn from the position? Please explain.



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