Northwood Community Apartments – Repairs, Maintenance and Cleaning

Collectively, University Housing and residents want to keep the apartments clean, safe and comfortable for the occupants.  The following helps to define how this is done. Thank you for helping ensure continuing and new residents have a positive experience Northwood Community Apartments


What You Can Do

Northwood residents are responsible for the initial handling of these common maintenance problems:

  • NW 4 and 5 - Lighting pilot lights on the kitchen stove or oven. A pilot igniter is available in all units.
  • Plunging clogged toilets. A plunger is provided in all units.
  • Unclogging garbage disposals. Residents will find a wrench and instruction card under the kitchen sink.
  • Replacing burned-out light bulbs (refrigerator, stove, or ceiling).

If your efforts to resolve these problems are not successful, please submit a service request to FIXIT(online FIXIT system.) For any problems in your apartment at move-in please send us a FIXIT(online FIXIT system.)

What We Do

Housing Facilities is responsible to maintain the building - If it’s broken, we FIXIT! We do not want you to live with a problem. Please contact us at FIXIT. Non-emergencies will be responded to during regular business hours; our goal is to respond within 24 hours. If you are living in a shared apartment, is advisable to let your roommates know that you have contacted FIXIT so they are not surprised when we enter the apartment.

For grounds, appliances, or snow removal problems, please reach out to the Facilities Service Center at 734-647-2059. Other concerns such as the condition of furniture,parking issues, lock-outs, cable TV, and questions concerning programs and services should be directed to the Northwood Community Center during regular business hours.

For emergencies, call the Facilities Service Center at 734-647-2059, we have staff available to respond 24/7


What You Can Do

Northwood Community Apartments are cleaned by the residents. 
In shared apartments, individual bedrooms are cleaned by the occupant, and the kitchen, bathroom and common areas are cleaned by all residents of the apartment.  A roommate agreement is available to assist in determining how each roommate’s needs can be met. It also includes a list of cleaning steps that can be shared and allocated. You can find information about what clean looks like at the end of this webpage. The roommate agreement should be revisited on a regular basis as a check-in to see if any expectations need to be revisited. New roommate agreements should be created as roommates transition in and out of the apartment.

What We Do

In vacant apartments, Housing Facilities will do a complete maintenance turnover and necessary cleaning.  In a shared apartment Housing Facilities will clean the vacant bedroom, the bathroom and kitchen prior to the occupancy date of your new roommate.

Entering Your Apartment

In order to appropriately and safely maintain the Northwood Community Apartments, there are times when we need to enter your apartment. We will always notify you upfront for planned access and will leave a service notice. The following are reasons and time of year when we will enter your apartment:

  • Dryer Vent Cleaning – Summer 
  • Furnace Inspections (Northwood 4 and 5) – Fall/Winter
  • Fire Alarm System Testing (requires some audible testing Northwood 1-3) – Summer 
  • Health and Safety Inspections (semi-annually for maintenance concerns and safety) – summer and winter
  • When a roommate has moved out and a new roommate is anticipated, the apartment and individual bedroom are entered at least three times, more if problems are found. This can occur any time of year.
    • Bedroom, Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning
    • Bedroom Preventative Maintenance
    • Inspection

If we can combine visits, we will. However we utilize different contractors or staff members to do certain things.

Electrical System

Some electrical outlets are controlled by wall switches. If an outlet does not appear to work, make sure the plug is securely in the electrical socket then turn on the wall switch. If the outlet still does not work, check the circuit breaker panel. If a circuit breaker is off contact FIXIT(online FIXIT system.)  A mechanic will determine if there is an overload situation to be resolved by unplugging items, or if an electrician is needed.


Northwood 1, 2 and 3

These apartments are equipped with radiators. The centralized boilers that provide heat to the apartments are turned on in mid October after several nights of consistently cold temperatures. To allow maximum heat circulation, keep areas around heating units clear of obstructions and clean the radiators regularly. In most apartments, slight individual adjustments may be made using a control valve.

Northwood IV and V

These apartments are equipped with individual furnaces and adjustable thermostats. Residents are encouraged to dress warmly as this equipment is designed to function optimally at temperatures between 65 and 75°F (18 to 24°C). Keep floor vents clean and clear of obstructions for maximum efficiency.

Thermostats are calibrated for a maximum temperature setting of 75°F (24°C). Overriding or tampering with the thermostats creates a potentially serious hazard and is a violation of your University Housing contract.

To save energy, the University recommends that thermostats be lowered to 63°F (17°C) at night when everyone is sleeping and to 60°F when the apartment is unoccupied. Please do not set thermostats below 55°F during the heating season as this could cause water lines to freeze. 

Pest Control

If you spot an insect or other pest in your room or hall, please call us immediately at 734-647-2059. Learn more about pest control.


Residents should contact the University’s Information Technology Communications Services (ITCom) for data line troubleshooting and repairs. Contact the ITS Service center or IT help desk at or call 734-764-HELP.

Still need assistance?

Call on us for issues related to exterior property and parking lot upkeep, plumbing issues, etc. by using the FIXIT(online FIXIT system.)

COMMUNITY GUIDELINES FOR CLEANING – Shared Apartments Northwood Community Apartment

The Kitchen

  • Sweep floors 
  • Remove unwanted food from the refrigerator & clear space for incoming suitemate 
  • Wipe down shelves in the refrigerator 
  • Clean stove, oven, microwave, countertop and backsplash
  • Clear countertop and cabinet space for incoming suitemate

Living Area

  • Sweep and vacuum floors 
  • Vacuum furniture


  • Clean sink, toilet, and bathtub/shower thoroughly
  • Sweep and wash floor

University Housing is a unit of Student Life, and an equal opportunity educator and employer.

For housing related questions, please contact University Housing.
Phone: (734) 763-3164