Certifying a Legal Marriage, Civil Union, and/or Domestic Partnership

Proof of Partnership?

In order to qualify for family housing at the University of Michigan, please submit one of the following documentations prior to move-in. The form should be notarized or government-sealed:

  • Certificate of marriage or civil union
  • Declaration of domestic partnership from any municipality or government entity

Adults may obtain a marriage license through the Office of the County Clerk/Register of Deeds in Washtenaw County. Further selected Marriage Laws can be found at the Washtenaw County Government website.

Couples who are unable to obtain a Declaration of Domestic Partnership at their present residence can file as domestic partners under the City of Ann Arbor Domestic Partnership Ordinance.

Although the form indicates that the notary should be from Washtenaw County, the city clerk will accept any notary regardless of U.S. location.

More information on the City of Ann Arbor Domestic Partnership Ordinance can be found on the City of Ann Arbor, City Clerk website and the Declaration of Domestic Partnership form is available online as a pdf.

For more information, contact:

City of Ann Arbor, City Clerk's Office
100 N. Fifth Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48107

Phone: 734.994.2725

To learn more about same-sex domestic partnerships or for general support and information regarding same-sex domestic partners contact the U-M Spectrum Center.

University Housing is a unit of Student Life, and an equal opportunity educator and employer.

For housing related questions, please contact University Housing.
Email: housing@umich.edu
Phone: (734) 763-3164