Sharps Program

Used hypodermic needles and blood test lancets (sharps) can cause injury and are a threat to the custodial staff and the environment if they are not disposed of properly. The Sharps Program encourages residents to separate sharps from other trash and dispose of them in the designated disposal site in their hall or apartment community. Hazardous materials personnel empty these sites periodically.

Sharps Disposal

Collection envelopes help prevent needle stick injuries. You can obtain reusable sharps collection envelopes at your Community Center. Each envelope will hold approximately ten sharps. The envelopes will not fit in the collection containers and should be opened to allow the sharps to flow directly from the envelope into the collection containers. Walking with unrestricted sharps poses a danger to you, as well as others, due to the potential for needle stick injuries, so always use your envelopes. 

Sharps Collection Sites

The following is a summary of the Sharps collection sites. Please look for the red box and off-white label.

Building Site Location
Alice Lloyd
Basement laundry room
Coman House laundry room
Betsy Barbour
Basement laundry room
Main dining room near dish return
Bursley Hall
2nd floor laundry rooms in the East and West wings
West dining room by dish return
Dish room
Couzens Hall
Basement laundry room
Basement laundry room
Helen Newberry
Basement laundry room
Lawyers Club
Main building laundry room
Mary Markley
Off dining room in dish return area
Laundry room near loading dock, across from BFM Office
Martha Cook
Student laundry room
Mosher side laundry room
Hill Dining Center Marketplace by dish return
Northwood Community Center
Lobby near the vending machines
North Quad
Laundry room 3184
Dining room by dish return
Community Center lobby, near the vending machines
Oxford Housing
Goddard House in bathroom at Twigs
Vandenburg House in bathroom of Community Center
South Quad
East lobby below mailboxes
One in each dining room by dish returns
Room 1002; ground floor laundry room
West Quad
Main floor laundry room
East and west dining rooms near dish returns

To learn more, contact your Hall Director or visit the U-M OSEH website.

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