Personal Property Protection

Insurance Coverage

We recommend that you determine in advance if your possessions are covered by homeowner's insurance while you are on campus. Some policies have riders that allow coverage of personal possessions away from the insured home; others do not. If your property is not already covered by insurance, we strongly encourage you to obtain coverage for your stay in the residence halls. The University of Michigan assumes no liability for loss, theft or damage to personal property.

University Housing has engaged GradGuard™, a service provided by Next Generation Insurance Group, LLC, with a specific Renter’s Insurance Plan designed especially for students


No. But we strongly recommend it.




  • Personal Property coverage
  • Personal Liability coverage

Specific GradGuard™ coverage information is available here.

Property Inventory

Make a list of credit cards and valuable personal items—before you move to campus—so that in the event of loss, theft or damage, you have the information you need to file an insurance claim or work with the police. Print out our Personal Property Inventory card to capture the necessary information in a hard-copy form. Keep a copy for yourself and keep another in a safe, secure place, preferably with a trusted friend or family member.

Label Expensive Items

Engrave your name or other identifying marks on personal property such as laptops, tablets, iPods and televisions. This gives police concrete evidence of ownership. It can also deter criminal activity since ID etching makes it more difficult to sell stolen property.

Secure Cash, Valuables And Belongings

  • Keep expensive belongings to a minimum.
  • Leave expensive jewelry or watches at your permanent home or store them in a safe deposit box.
  • Tickets for athletic or other events should not be left in plain view.
  • Small valuable items should be taken with you when you leave during the term for any reason (like for visits to home or holiday breaks).
  • Do not carry large amounts of cash in your wallet or purse.
  • Do not leave personal items unattended.
  • Do not leave clothing unattended in washers or dryers after the cycle has completed.
  • Do not leave children’s toys outside after use.

Secure Your Room/Apartment

  • It's best to keep your door closed and locked, even if you're just visiting friends across the hall.
  • Keep small valuable items out of sight.
  • If your room's windows are accessible from outside, lock your windows when you are sleeping or away from home.
  • Don't loan your room access cards or apartment keys to anyone. It is a violation of your contract and University policy to duplicate any University provided key.
  • Secure your room or apartment door when you are sleeping. Use your door's chain lock if it has one.
  • Close your room door when you leave for a fire alarm or fire drill.
  • Use security bars on sliding glass doors.
  • Keep outside storage rooms locked.

Secure Your Building

  • Don't prop open your building's outside entrance doors. Only residents and their invited guests should be in any hall (unless University Housing has authorized them to enter for meals or classes). Ask visitors to call you so that you can let them into the building.
  • Be alert to strangers and call DPSS at 763.1131 to report a potential intruder. Be prepared to describe the person as specifically as possible and where you last saw him/her.
  • No solicitors permitted to go door-to-door in any University Housing residence hall or apartment community. If a solicitor approaches you, please notify the Department of Public Safety or your Community Center. Representatives of non-profit agencies and candidates for political office must apply for prior written approval before going door-to-door and will have a signed authorization letter.

Secure Your Bike

Use a strong lock (preferably the U-lock kind) to secure your bike to a bike rack, even for short periods of time.

DPSS may impound bikes that are locked to prohibited locations, so don't lock your bike to trees, parking meters or handrails.

Register your bicycle with the National Bike Registry. For a small fee, your bike will be given a serial number for up to 30 years. If your bike is stolen, you can give them your serial number to track down your bike.

Secure Your Vehicle

Keep vehicle windows closed and doors locked at all times and store valuables out of sight.

Report Thefts or Losses

If you believe something has been stolen, report the loss immediately by contacting DPSS at 763.1131.

The University of Michigan assumes no liability for loss, theft of, or damage to personal property.

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