Elevator Safety

Reporting a Malfunctioning or Stalled Elevator

To report a stalled elevator with someone trapped inside, call 911.

To report any other elevator problem:

  • Call the Facilities Service Center at 647.2059.
  • Provide the name of the residence hall, location of elevator, short description of problem and your name and contact number.
  • The response time to a stuck elevator is normally 15 minutes or less. Elevator Shop staff and Department of Public Safety officers will respond.

U-M Elevator Safety Practices

The University of Michigan either cooperates with or manages the following safety practices:

  • The State of Michigan requires that elevators be inspected once every 90 days by a licensed elevator journeyperson. These inspections are conducted by qualified University staff.
  • The State of Michigan inspects all elevators on a code-required schedule and issues a Certificate of Operation to properly functioning elevators.
  • The U-M Elevator Shop checks every residence hall every month (or more) for specific preventive maintenance tasks.
  • Elevator accidents must be reported within 48 hours to the State followed by proper investigation and documentation.

To learn more, download our Elevator Safety Guidelines.  

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