Blue Bucks

Blue Bucks are THE campus currency at the University of Michigan. Use them to do your laundry in the residence halls, to grab a vending machine snack or to dine at any on-campus dining location, including athletic venues.

How to Use Blue Bucks

Easy to Use

When you buy Blue Bucks, they are instantly credited to your Mcard. When you are ready to make a purchase, just swipe your Mcard at the register and your Blue Bucks account is automatically debited for the purchase amount. Easy!


With Blue Bucks, there’s no need to carry cash. Your Blue Bucks are loaded onto your Mcard and are welcome at all on-campus locations, including dining halls, cafés and shops*, residential laundry rooms, vending machines and at athletic venues.

(Please keep in mind that Blue Bucks cannot be used to purchase gift cards*)


Blue Bucks never expire. They automatically roll over from year to year as long as you are enrolled at the University. If you want a refund before then, just email us at and your remaining Blue Bucks will be credited to your student account. (Balances of less than $5 are forfeited.)

How to Buy Blue Bucks

Online – 24/7

Visit MyPlan to purchase Blue Bucks and bill them to your student account or pay via secure electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your checking or savings account. After logging into MyPlan, select “Add Blue Bucks” and follow the simple instructions. A $50 minimum deposit is required to bill to your student account. 

If you’d like to allow friends or family to view your account or make Blue Bucks deposits via EFT, you must first authorize them. Only students may initiate Blue Bucks charges to their student account.

In Person, On Campus

Buy Blue Bucks during regular service hours at either of our Mcard Service Centers with cash or check, or at at any Michigan Dining market or cafe with cash or credit card. A $10 minimum deposit is required in person.

Vending Machine Refunds

Vending machine malfunction? If you used Blue Bucks, use this refund request form to request a Blue Bucks credit. If you used cash, contact the vendor using the envelope on the side of the machine.


If you have questions about how to buy or use Blue Bucks, please contact us at or 734.763.8250.

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