Cable Rates & Service Changes--Northwood Community Apartments

U-M Television

In conjunction with Information Technology Services (ITS), University Housing provides dozens of cable television channels to the Northwood Community Apartments. All channels are provided as part of your cable service through UMTV and can be viewed here. Please note that cable is digital only and no analog channels are available. A digital TV or digital-to-analog converter which will receive CATV channels in a clear QAM format is required in order to receive all channels of the UMTV cable service.

Cable Television

As part of your Northwood contract for this coming year, cable will be offered at no additional charge.

No matter your residence hall, during the 2016-2017 school year you can also view cable channels on your computer or iOS or Android device using Xfinity on Campus. This network-based television service has the same channel lineup as traditional cable, plus the ability to view anywhere on campus, record programs, and purchase premium services. To set up Xfinity on Campus, please read the getting started guide. For questions and support in setting up cable or Xfinity on Campus, email or call 734-764-HELP. Please note that television service will not be offered after 2016-2017.


  • Poor Reception - Check the cables and cable connections. You may not be making good contact or need a new cable wire (Reconnect cable wire or replace it).
  • No channels/Screen is snowy/fuzzy - Check all the connections. If they are fine, please contact UMTV at 734-647-8888 for further troubleshooting.   
  • Receive some but not all channels - Your TV probably needs to be programmed. Try running setup with your remote control. All TVs are different but typically, you will need to:
    • Press the "menu" button on the bottom of the remote. This will display "on-screen programming."
    • Select "channel set up" or "set up."
    • Make sure it is set on "cable" or "CATV" (as opposed to antenna or air). Then, run the "auto program" or "auto memorize" function. Auto program will scan all the channels. It will take a minute or so and will go up to about 120. It will stop when it is done.

If you continue to experience cable problems, you may call UMTV directly at 734-647-8888.

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